Week 3 – British Museum (50 drawings) & Screen-Printing

A really important part of our new brief was to visit the British Museum and make at least 50 drawings from the exhibitions there. We had to do 25 single pages, 10 drawings on two pages and 5 drawings on three pages spread. Of course every single exhibition at the museum was stunning but for me the most interesting one was one about South America and Australia. I liked presented patterns. One work caught my eye very strongly Kungkarangkalpa, 2013 (Estelle Hogan, Myrte Pennington, Kunmanara Thomas, Kunmanara Hogan, Ngalpingka Simmas, Tjaruwa Woods). Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) depicts an important woman’s place near salt lakes in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Kungkarangkalpa british museum

Kungkarangkalpa, 2013 (Estelle Hogan, Myrte Pennington, Kunmanara Thomas, Kunmanara Hogan, Ngalpingka Simmas, Tjaruwa Woods)



The rest of my drawings based on almost every exhibition that is in the British Museum. As we had to use 3 different mediums to this brief, I couldn’t bring everything I wanted at the time but once I got back home I worked on it and I am pretty happy with my outcomes.


The induction that we had this week was a screen-printing induction which I really enjoyed. The whole process of screen-printing from coating to cleaning the screen seemed very exciting for me, it was my very first time doing it. My drawing was as simple as a sketch of dinosaurs. I wanted to experiment, even tho as I mentioned before it was my first time doing this. I was just super curious about this particular technic of printing. I mixed three different colours – pink, yellow and blue. The combinations of the colours I got at the end were really interesting. I wanted to blend the colours so the dinosaurs won’t have one particular colour but three nicely mixed. I was really surprised as I hate, I literally hate once the image is in a colour of a rainbow but this time it worked well with the image. I was really happy with my outcome. As I really enjoyed this, I am sure I will do other inductions in the screen-printing studio.


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