A Wrong Move in the Right Direction

Since the brief asked us to get lost and explore the unknown, Ive decided to use my photos from Australia and work with them. Ive produced a zine which is not printed on paper but I used a dye sublimation process to print off my photos on the fabric and old pieces of fabrics and sew them together. There is no further place than Australia (well maybe New Zealand) and i think it is something that can describe getting lost the most, especially when I went all the way there alone. I was walking around Melbourne, discovering the city and finding bits and pieces that interested me. Then after a while Ive found bits that interested me more and also I wanted to broaden my knowledge on. Ive decided to visit the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and talk to people in the stalls but then Ive found out there is a Polish shop in there and so Ive decided to talk to these people who work there first. I was working on the cultural diversity subject for so long and especially the Polish one. I thought it would be interesting if I could speak to people who live in a totally different side of the world. Ive decided to produce the following zine to highlight the places Ive visitied, and not necessary show the sourroundings and stuff but to show some parts of town that not many toursits and visitors pay that much attention to.

PP Unit WaterAid

Today was the first day of working in completely new groups for the PP unit. We met fellow students and were put into smaller groups in which we are to complete the work for the WaterAid brief. As it was not only an organisational session, we also did some research on the water crisis all over the globe as well as shared different info with the rest of the people in the classroom. Now we are starting to intensively work on the brief given to us.

Crit Spatial Characteristics

For today’s crit, I have prepared a visualisation of my project for the current brief. Since I work with the matter of waste, I focus on the disposable food containers which can be more than easily found across food markets in London such as one in Camden Town or Borough market. I presented my further development of work, I highlighted that I want it to be engaging for the audience and I want to locate it in a park or some square in North London, where the issue plays a significant role. Every time I am in Camden Town, the amount of these boxes just overwhelms me. I want to either make a huge metal based form which would in its shape represent the container or make just a few smaller boxes which could be used as plants pots. I was advised to do more research on material use, so I want to get some used metal sheets or roof tiles. I mean getting brand new ones would be a nonsense since I want to work with the waste issue.

WaterAid project

Today we were briefed to the WaterAid project. The charity ambassador presented what they work on, what are the aims of the charity and so on. I think it is an interesting brief, slightly challenging for me as I never worked on such issue but definitely will be a useful way of learning new things as well as collaborative work, which is quite important especially in a creative industry.