The Les Coleman Collection: Research and a Comic Book Archive

Les Coleman was an artist, poet, sculptor, art lecturer, critic and collector whose family bequeathed his substantial comic book, cartoon and illustration collection to University of the Arts London in 2013. A lifelong connoisseur and collector of the surreal, obscure and esoteric Coleman accumulated a unique, rare and significant literary and visual library in his lifetime. We also talked about 3 different artists : Robert Crumb, Julie Doucet and Aleksandar Zograf. Robert Crumb is an artist working in 60’ , his comics contained a lot of sex and drugs. Julie Doucet is alternative comics artist, sexual in content. Her pieces were based on all her life experiences so they became bit of autobiographical. Aleksandar Zograf is Serbian artist drawing mainly political comics.

Two comics were presented to us during the CTS session. First one was MAUS by Art Spiegelman. PALESTINE by Joe Sacco. He presented particular nationalities as animals, pets for instance: Jewish people are presented as mouses, Germans as cats and Americans as dogs.

We also answered a following question : What does access to the original publications allow for when interpreting the work?

  • Context of original production,
  • Materiality and the reign experience,
  • Context of original reception.

The last thing we did was finding differences between two comics’ covers.

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