Beyond Google

At today’s CTS session we had a talk about library services, doing a proper research and referencing. As usually we were divided in few groups. Each of us had to present the topic they were given. My group had to find up to 4 articles relating to the World Wide Web using Search articles Plus. The presentation had to include instructions on how to access the platform and how to use it. Also, we had to list the benefits of using this ‘single search box’ platform.

As an advantage of using this platform I can admit that there are much more directed places I can go looking for stuff. It’s really helpful while doing research, what is more it’s easier to write references needed in any written work.

Our library offers a wide range of articles, books, databases and everything what is requested to write an interesting and full of useful insight essay. Later on, we were handed a brief about an essay that’s due on next Thursday. We received useful tips on how to write the references and for instance what is bibliography or in-text references. I think this kind of workshop was needed to make the most of resources we got at the LCC library.


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