studio session 29th January

Today at the studio session I worked on my part 2 of the brief and also changed my plans a bit.

The screen printing is a little bit too much of a time consuming so I am not going to do it but I will print off my collage digitally.

I also slightly changed my idea for the outcome. I am gonna be working with three colours: pink, yellow and blue.

Following to my previously done research, I know what I want to include in my final piece so it’s a bit easier to achieve more or less what I want. Now I need to figure out what type of paper should I use for the outcome as I don’t want a glossy one but also I don’t want my work to look cheap and printed of on a low quality paper. I think it is pretty important to focus on such things as it totally changes the overall visual communication and it’s always better to pay attention to really significant details. There’s a huge difference in how would my work look like on the newsprint paper and a good quality one. It also slightly changes tones of the colours that I use on my works.

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