Work in Progress Crit – Jukebox

Today I had my work in progress crit for our Jukebox Jam projects. I brought all my work that I’ve completed, my research notes and first projects on the Part 2 of the brief. So far I have completed a template for the song that I am working on – “Downtown” Petula Clark:

Petula Clark – Downtown

I based my work on the whole narrative and deeper meaning of the song, the loneliness in a big city. I used only pink, blue, yellow and black. These colours reminded me of the neon lights in the New York City especially in the ’60s when the song was released. During the crit, I have decided on what should I work on more and pay attention to while doing another project. I was also advised in case of the materials I could use. I used Promarkers and inks, but I am not fully satisfied with an outcome and the shades of inks that I got. I tested them on a paper before using them on my final piece and they looked slightly different to what I got now. All in all I am happy with what I got but next time I will spend much more time on finding out the new mediums that I could use in my project.


I’ve also seen work of another students, every of them is on a totally different stage of doing the work. Some have already finished their template, some started part 2 of the brief and some haven’t even started doing the final piece for the part 1.

Personally, I started working on the part 2 of the brief a while ago and I am trying to figure out if I can make it in time with screen printing which I am really tempted to do.

Scanned Image.jpg

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