Art’s Birthday London 2018 – Red Gallery Performance

Last Wednesday I went to a Red Gallery London in Shoreditch for the Art’s Birthday/The Eternal Network. It’s ‘an annual exchange-art event celebrated on January 17th by a loose collection of artists and artist organizations around the world, and was first proposed in 1963 by Fluxus artist Robert Filliou as a public holiday to celebrate the presence of art in our lives. Each year the Eternal Network evolves to include new partners working with ideas of exchange and telecommunications-art.’

The performances varied from each other significantly, one was presented as a live stream on YouTube, another one was a collaboration between two women dressed all yellow throwing plates and groaning for the entire show. Performances that I’ve seen were basically acted by women and it is quite difficult for me to understand and interpret them but I have tried. As an conclusion to the first performance that started as a first one (yellow women dressed all yellow with red trainers), I came up with a reflection on life that we all shout at each other when something bad happens (a plate got broken) but then everything turns out good.

A really good performance was the one in which the artist was measuring herself and writing it down in a big note. Later on she got undressed and started sitting on the chair in random poses and measured herself on and on.

One that I totally could not understand was about the artist sitting on a carpet with kind of a sandy material and just touching every single piece of it with eyes closed.

One that was also pretty hard to understand and somehow relate was just a woman sitting by the table, writing some words down and signing it with her own blood. At some point, she just started singing in totally random language and later washed her hands and drank some water. Next to the table was a golden necklace and a iWatch.

The even featured artists from Venice International Performance Art Week 2017 as follows:

Andrea Greenwood, Ashley-Louise McNaughton, Don Chow, Eva Martino, Fay Burnett , Katie Louise Vowles, Madeleine Virginia Brown , Maria Luigia Gioffre , Sylvie Shiwei Barbier

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