The Artful Book: 70 Years of the Folio Society

Folio Collectables continue the fine-book tradition: the series contains elegantly designed and typeset, and presented in a flexible full-cloth binding which is as appealing to the touch as it is to the eye. The Folio Society is publishing books since 1947.

The book that I first opened was ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. The cover from both sides was really interesting. I like the simplicity of it as it shows only the main character in total black on red background and on the other side his hand pointing something out also in black and on the red background. The spine of the book is red and contains again the author and the title of the book as well as the main character of the book.

The book was illustrated by Michael Foreman. At the beginning of each chapter there is an illustration which somehow reference to the plot. These illustrations are kind of sketchy and the colours used were only black and white what made it way more classy and elegant. What is more, the font used in book (title and chapters) is really well designed and fits into the story and the general book style.

Another book that made me really impressed by how it’s been made was a collection of selected poems by Emily Dickinson. I haven’t read the poems but basically I think that the cover is linked to what the poems are about, maybe about fading away, maybe about passing away etc. The book is designed by Jane Lydbury and the illustrations are really appealing to me as these are made out of small dots. I really wanna try this type of drawing in my work next time.

I think that the space the exhibition took place in was really important as well. The reading corner was situated in the National Art Library in the Victoria & Albert Museum which is very well known for its exhibition. The small space with the Folio Collection surrounded by old books and wooden shelves mad it more of a magical experience.


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