Studio session – ‘A Slice of Bread’ Narrative

At the studio session with Karl we were given a short story to read and analyse in groups. We had a list of like 14 questions to better understand the text. Our task was obviously to do a narrative to it. I wanted to pay attention to more of an illustrative way of it but also I thought about how would the main character look like. I used a lot of different mediums: pencil, pens and ProMarkers. I also used some text to show off emotions of the people on the images such as ‘OMG’ or ‘Oh God’ or even ‘That’s him!’ (The guy from the story). Not only text was used to show emotions but at the last drawing of mine I used hearts to show appropriation to the bread that the people from the village were getting every single day. After all we had to present our work to each other and give a little talk about it. Last task was to sum everything up and make one drawing telling a story in short.


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