Crit Spatial Characteristics

For today’s crit, I have prepared a visualisation of my project for the current brief. Since I work with the matter of waste, I focus on the disposable food containers which can be more than easily found across food markets in London such as one in Camden Town or Borough market. I presented my further development of work, I highlighted that I want it to be engaging for the audience and I want to locate it in a park or some square in North London, where the issue plays a significant role. Every time I am in Camden Town, the amount of these boxes just overwhelms me. I want to either make a huge metal based form which would in its shape represent the container or make just a few smaller boxes which could be used as plants pots. I was advised to do more research on material use, so I want to get some used metal sheets or roof tiles. I mean getting brand new ones would be a nonsense since I want to work with the waste issue.

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