Barbican Arts Centre

Today I went for an external visit to Barbican Arts Centre to see 2 of the current exhibitions: ‘Francis Upritchard Wetwang Slack’ and  ‘Modern Couples Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde’. The first one was much more interesting for me, I do really like sculptures and these were significantly odd and different to regular ones which usually have the same form and are quite plain and basic in their colours as well. I really enjoyed the whole space that the pieces were exhibited in, it was like exploring a different world full of strange creatures. Quite recently I got interested in the product design, so the exhibition was much more appealing to me in terms of all the materials used as well as the pots and other items made out of clay. I really like the colour use and how all the various mediums worked well. The tones of the walls and the shelves units were also super important as it all played a huge role in the perception of the whole exhibition. I drew one of the creatures, that was a part of the show, one that i liked the most.

The second exhibition did not allow us to take any pictures, although, I noted down some of the artists I could feel inspired from in my future projects. I was surprised at how big the exhibition space was, that was the first thought, second, all the relations between artists were so intense and so surprising for me. I did not pay much attention to any of these artists private life at all, so getting to know the connections and how the relationships ended up like was just exciting. It was also super helpful and useful to see their more private practice, like the letters they were sending to each other or drawings they did for their other half. I really liked the variety of showcased pieces, from photography to paintings and from tapestry to furniture or posters. Everything was really a great collection under one roof. The relationships between the following couples seemed super intriguing for me in terms of their design, like I am not mentioning the big artists such as Frida Kahlo, because her whole art is just stunning: Brendetta and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Eileen Gray and Jean Badovic, Aino Aalto and Alvar Aalto.

After visiting both exhibitions I am definitely going to focus much more on my 3D practice and also experiment with different scales of my artworks. I keep saying that it is important to get out of your comfort zone. It does really help to produce much more interesting and appealing piece of work. For me I always used to work on the regular sizes and formats such as A4 or A3 or sometimes I preferred  even smaller one like A5 or A6, but i really want to go and experiment with the 3 dimensional works and see how it goes, beacuse as I have said, I got really into the product design lately what might be a good point. I really like to try out new materials which are not limited to paper or paint.

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