PP Unit 30/10

Today we had a really useful session that will definitely help us with future work as freelancers. We were introduced to the contracts and how to write them as well as all the additional documents we should provide to our employer.

  • Contract should include the description of the brief and the deadline, idea of usage (copyrights), how is it used, is it being used specifically for one website for 3 months, charge a usage fee (quite common for illustration), cost of your work, expenses to complete the brief, how to be paid (when, where, the procedure, deposit), revision (usually charging additionally as its not being stated on the brief/contract).
  • Be transparent, honest, include as much detail as possible, increasing the value of the industry as a whole.
  • Open Source promotes a free access and distribution of works, might be applicable for your work but not necessarily have to

We also had to work in groups on certain documents such as a production schedule. We found it quite difficult as the case we had was slightly difficult to understand and not full in all the information given. At the end of the session, we came up with like highlights of what to focus on while writing a contract.


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