Crit for the part 2 of the Exploration Unit

This time the crit was slightly different to what we usually used to do. In a group discussion, we brainstormed the opinions and ideas on the brief. As I am working strictly on redesigning the actual tea set, my work is different from the others who focus on illustrating the issue. I feel like I want to experiment, and as the unit name says to explore the areas of art I have not tried ever before. For this brief, I had prepared a rendered version of my teapot design, which I am planning to print off on the 3D printer in a couple of days. As for me, it is an exciting process to come. I am curious how will the teapot function as an actual object rather than just a mockup. Depends on the cost, I want it to be sort of full sized item rather then the miniature but if I was to print off the miniature of the tea set I will do, and just create some outcomes with it such as pictures with these objects as props or so.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 22.50.27

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