My Private LCC

We were briefed to a new project for exploration 2 unit which is focused on a group work as well as discovering LCC as a place, space and area of our studies. When we first had to brainstorm our ideas in the groups, we all came up with an idea of highlighting a few facts such as the ridiculous amount of stairs in our building, the unknown areas of LCC that we have never been to before or certain places that people gather such as canteen or the outside bit. For me, LCC is a huge building and a massive source of inspirational people who just enjoy being there and exploring the different areas of art. Our piece was sort of a collage of things which we have all drawn on our own, so we basically combined all of our ideas from personal drawings to a one piece. I focused on patterns such as endless stairs, the green bins that I always get confused with, the windows in the Design block or the windows in a Tower block. What we’ve come up with was to basically try to explore as much as we can to have sort of a broader view on LCC not only as an organisation/university but just as a building itself.


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