PP Unit 16/10/2018

Today we had to do a group work that was to explore new platforms of sharing your art online. We had to do some research on how do they platforms work and how to use them. One of the listed platforms was Instagram. Personally, it is the best way of showcasing your work and trying to reach the audience within your pieces of work. I have my personal Instagram account as well as one to share my art with my followers. I basically think it is a great way of finding creative opportunities as well since many companies can reach you and notice your works. Another one was Behance, which I use from time to time, but after all, I do not like the layout and the way pieces are being presented. It is a strictly art orientated platform for designers. Maybe it is easier to find more opportunities there for a collaboration with other practitioners but I don’t know. Another platform mentioned in the exercise was YouTube, which is completely not for me since it is more of a platform for people that want to work with media such as films or sound. I do not specialise in any of the areas that might be worth sharing on YouTube. Although, I think it is the best to place to have sort of a good contact and connection with the audience that follows you. If you vlog, you build up a more personal relationship with the people watching you and it makes it way easier to somehow respond to their needs and wants as a creator. As a group, we had to discuss which platform is best in our opinion, and tell why is it that particular. As I’ve previously said, I find Instagram most useful and helpful in terms of what kind of art I do. Some of the networks given were just generally to do with fine art or was focused on professional artists who sell their pieces for a huge amount of money. At this stage this is not aimed at me so it is not in my interest.

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