Final crit for the part 1 Exploration 2 Unit

Today we had our final crit for the Exploration 2 unit, which was extremely stressful for me as I haven’t done what I actually wanted for my outcome. Before that tho, we were briefed to the Part 2 of the project which seems quite interesting as well. Anyway, the crit was done in a slightly different way than it used to be last year. We were to view our peer’s work and give our own feedback based on what we see. Most of the people didn’t complete their work, neither did i. I presented 5 portraits of 5 different politics who limit democracy in the 21st century. The portraits were a bit caricatural since I used really bright colours which are not natural for the human body as well (red, blue, green). The feedback I was given is helpful and made me wanna work on my initial idea for the project.  I was told I have strong illustration skills as well as colour pallet. I really want to experiment with other printing techniques and that is why I really want to try using risograph. Many people presented a really good range of visuals as well as contextual research. What I’ve noticed many people tho focused more on the visual side, rather than the subject matter which is same important and can not be left behind. I know I have to improve my research as well and probably that will lead me to another idea for the project. Since I am into poster making and stuff I want to present a set of posters regarding my idea.

For the part 2 of the unit assignment I know that I want to work a little bit with the 3D forms and see how it goes.

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