Professional Practice Unit

At today’s PP unit we were to play bingo, which was some sort of a game to get to know ourselves better. Also, it was to help us in the professional approach to our future work in terms of making connections and networking. We had a list of questions to ask different people from our course and in addition, we had to ask them extra 4 questions that we came up with on our own. By this exercise, I got to know more interesting artists and sources of inspiration. Everyone shared their favourite Instagrammer or Youtuber. I do not enjoy such activities so this one is deffo not my favourite one as well. I would rather do some work on my project than play this game as I lack in time for doing my actual outcomes for the Exploration 2 unit. Luckily I do enjoy the afternoon lectures. This time the first group had a different lecture to what we had, but both were super interesting and helpful. I have already watched the first lecture about Lecture in Progress and already checked the website. It genuinely encouraged me to do more work and research on the creative industry, what the opportunities are after getting an art degree and so on. The lecture I attended was given by an owner of Goodordering. This one was intriguing as the person had a huge experience and shared her opinions on her own brand and what mistakes she did and how would she avoid them the next time.


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