Crit in progress Exploration 2

Today we had a crit for the first brief for the Exploration 2 unit. We discussed our ideas on the project. I have made a decision on which quote I will definitely be working on since I was thinking about JK Rowling and James Baldwin ones. I’ve made a further decision on Baldwin’s one. My idea for the project is to sort of implementing my Polish background into the project. Since placing people from all different backgrounds would be slightly impossible, not to neglect anyone, I have decided to carry on and focus on my own, personal experience and personal feelings upon the quote. My initial idea is to screen print a photograph of a polish person onto a mirror (or some sort of a reflecting material). Why would I do that? Because by that I would place the Polish person into the society, the audience looking at the piece would instantly place itself in the reflection and so the photograph would play a significant part of viewing the work. I want to show how fluid society can be and how everyone can be a part of it. Everyone’s welcome, no matter what’s their background, belief or sexual orientation. I want my print to be made in red since the following colour is a part of both, Polish and English flag. Karl also discussed all the actual issues we can reflect on and gave us ideas on what artists should we check out. As works in progress, I’ve presented only a pattern of different vases, which shows the diversity and highlights how different we can be. It’s an example of the difference between items, but it should be fully acceptable in society too. Diversity is cool! I will definitely keep my work sort of political as I really do like that types of work that are not flat and plain in their meaning but that got some deeper meaning and more contextualised research done.

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