Year 2 briefing

On the 1st and the 2nd of October, we were briefed to the year 2 of IVM. We were also handed in a first brief for the Exploration 2 Unit called Analysis of the Written Word. We have to work on the quotes that are touching different but similar social issues. I’ve chosen James Baldwin’s one, which I understand the most in terms of my personal experiences.

The next day we were introduced to the Professional Practices unit. We were informed about the opportunities going at UAL and also were encouraged to fill in a Creative Attributes Framework for later consideration in the years on how we changed our perspectives etc. After the briefing, we had a chance to listen to the speakers giving a talk in Lecture Theatre A about their experience and professional work in the creative industry. It was a great opportunity to gain some insight into what can we actually do after graduation and gave me personally many ideas for development. One of the invited guests was a surprise for me because I recognise her works and noticed them lots of times across London.

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