Application 1 inspo – moderna museet

Stockholm treated me well as I had an amazing opportunity to have a free access to art that is recognisable by many all over the world. Warhol, Kusama, Piccasso, Pollock, Hockney are just a few! It was a great chance to have a closer look into artist’s works. It broaden my visions on current project that we are working on. I wanna experiment with new techniques and mediums.

One of my favourite artists of all time is Matisse, whose works are also being exhibited in Moderna Museet in Stockholm. I was always dreaming of seeing any of his pieces. I really wanna work with more paper now and play with it to create outstanding outcomes.

Specialising in a certain motive, dots, Kusama was also one of the presented artists. Her dress (which I have never actually heard of) was a completely different thing exhibited than other ones. Hockney had a tiny piece in the gallery that was presented right next to Andy Warhol’s screen print.

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