For the current brief I was trying to explore as much techniques as I could so I taught myself how to weave. I am highly interested in textile design and that is what led me to try out this way of using yarns and other materials. Yarns are not the only material I used though, I also used bubble wrap and other plastic bags I’ve found on the street. The set of my pieces, is reflecting the issue of sea and ocean contamination. The huge amount of trash and other items that are in the water floating and affecting the sea life. Corals are being bleached, birds and fish are suffering from the contamination that we, humans, produce.

The bubble wrap is also a big issue if it comes to the common source of contamination, as well as plastic bags are. I used it to sort of achieve the general outcome that not only is appealing but also interesting and questionable for the possible audience in its structure and texture.

Also the process of creating the pieces is exciting for me. I learnt myself how to weave in just one day. Of course it is not perfect and there is a lot to learn ahead me to make my outcomes more perfect but as for my first pieces I am surprised and highly motivated to further development of my skills.

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