The Wellcome Collection

Once we were given a list of exhibitions around London, which we were meant to visit as a part of our external visit, it was obvious for me to choose The Wellcome Collection. All other galleries were the ones I have already been to and this one was on my bucket list for so long.

Basically I enjoyed two of the exhibitions taking place there the most. As we are working on patterns, I focused on repetitive forms the most. ‘Alien Sex Club’ by John Walter was very interesting in terms of the pattern especially. The artist used a lot of colours and different forms. The whole exhibition aimed to raise awareness of the STI such as HIV. The huge variety of mediums such as footage or small sculptures formed out of some kind of plaster made the whole exhibition full or random information that was easy to understand by audience in different age.

‘Sire’ by Maria McKinney was another one that I have found interesting. The plastic semen straws used in the process of the artificial insemination at the farms across the globe. The artist herself explains ‘With this quite contemporary material, I used the ancient handcraft of straw weaving, which was used to make corn dollies. A modern-day interpretation is that corn dollies were possibly part of a pagan ritual to worship the spirit of fertility.’.


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