‘A Problem With Authority.’ workshop

We were asked to bring a few of materials that we later used in the workshop. I brought an inanimate object, a person and a geometric figure. The aim of the workshop was to gain some further knowledge on composition and typography.  The workshop itself was really interesting as we had to choose previously printed off letters and base our A1 and A2 sheets on them.


There was a given list of words we had to create an outcome featuring the words such as ‘silent’, ‘awkward’ or ‘blush’. During the workshop I didn’t have enough time to do all of the listed words but I completed few of them. I am generally happy with an outcome I generated but also some of the works were too abstract for me and too empty even for me.

What I found interesting is the possibility of different ways of playing with paper and its structure and also bold and thick lines cut out of paper.

At the end we had a little crit and had an opportunity to see briefly which was generated by other students. We could also share our feedback to each other on little note pads which was actually pretty helpful.

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