Dale Lewis (Saatchi Gallery)

I visited the Saatchi Gallery to see Dale Lewis paintings and get inspired by them. His works are very appealing to me in a way that they contain of many interesting scenes and pretty odd to document as a painting. I think what also make his works very outstanding and extraordinary are the colours and the shapes he forms people in. As for me, it is a style that I would go for not only because the paintings seem very urban in their context but also because it’s really easy for an eye so the viewer will like it either way. The thing is, it only seems like it was an easy piece of work but the artist had to put a lot of effort to get to this stage even though it might look childish and infantile for some of the visitors.

What I like in art is the easy way of showing current social issues or just simple things/activities. His works are very expressive and full of different bits that create each and every work.

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