Application 1 – b r i e f

Today we were introduced to the new unit and the brief that is followed by it. The brief itself seems very interesting as it gives me an opportunity to discover and experiment in completely different fields of study. We can choose few of them such as portraits or patterns which are my choice. We are free to use any mediums and after a one week time we have to present our research on the topic.

I decided to focus on patterns. I want to do more like textile design etc. In my sketchbook, first what came to my mind was to do like an interactive page to play with thread and a yellow foil so we can observe how the image can change and how can it be an inspiration for patterns. I also came up with idea of what can be a source of inspiration if it comes to patterns. I thought about for instance: architecture, science, music or art in general. I really like to base my works on architecture so I will definitely use it as a inspiring stuff to produce my outcomes.

I decided to finally do some screen printing so I am gonna screen print on cotton and on canvas. Here, some of my photos that are my inspiration for the project.





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