Craftivism always have been very political, starting from suffragettes and ending on today’s world art that relates to current political issues. Women’s craft has a long history behind and actually straight from the start was focused on the political issues. Suffragette movement was the first one to use branding and to make their products themselves, they used certain colours in everything they did, they took politics into their homes to develop craftivism and their own propaganda.

Suffragettes were super focused on their aim and the inequality in the time it was meant for them to live in. The whole movement started in the late 19-th / early 20-th century. They were fighting (literally) for women’s right to vote. They basically had to radically change their life and change their priorities in case of everyday life. They started the protests that were taking place in both the UK and the US. The protests varied in form, some were over aggressive, almost radical and brutal, they used to blow up the postboxes by putting bombs inside or just simply breaking shop’s windows. Although, peaceful actions were also taken such as strikes on which women walked with their banners and shown off theirselves so that woman should not be related to only houseworks.

They basically had to take everything into their hands so that the movement was alive. The only way to produce some kind of a propaganda was to craft stuff that helped. A ‘craft’ ,as far as I am concerned, can be defined as a traditional way of making goods with local materials. They based their pieces on three colours: purple, white and green. Each of them symbolised something different. Purple symbolised dignity, white purity, and green hope.

I think it is a really good example of the craftivism which is apparently starting to be a form of art that is really popular these days. The political changes we are got to live with, the unity which was important for so many generations is being devastated. Many artists decide to support their own political views by art. I would say that the craftivism can is any form of art unless it’s not made in factories, many copies etc. It also have to contain a deeper meaning which will make the viewer understand and make him reflect on today’s world and current issues. It’s actually quite difficult to underestimate the boundaries of craftivism, if the craftivism should be exhibited in the galleries or just being available for some kind of a movement. Of course it should be seen by many people to make them aware of the problems and make them follow the movement in some percent but also if something starts to be followed by too many people, it’s way easier to get lost with the priorities that were set up at first.




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