Final Crit 2nd January

Today was our final crit for the Jukebox Jive brief before we hand in our assessment next Friday. Basically we were divided in totally different groups than usually.

During my crit I had an opportunity to observe at what stage are other people from my group as well as other groups. Some of the outcomes were really stunning and outstanding.

My personal works are not really good as I always mentioned that I am not happy with the colours I used within my outcome (the storyboard). They are just too bright and lively. I wanted them to be more cold/pale. I also observed that almost everyone for their A1 outcomes somehow connected both of the pieces, while I did totally different pieces of work. What I decided to do is that next time I am gonna print off my poster on a glossy paper, because this time I just thought it will not look good but I think it just didn’t work well on the soft paper either. Also, as I said, I will definitely pay MORE attention to the mediums and materials I use to do my project and final outcomes as the wrong choice of ink affected my whole outcome.

If I didn’t have only a week to do the assessment I would probably try to do the screen printing of my collage that I have planned before. Although, because of the lack of time and the amount of work, it was not an option.


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