Digital Folklore

Folktale is a story originating in popular culture being based on customs and traditional beliefs, these are for example fairytales which are passed down through the generations. Urban legend is sth that is told from one person to another and usually there’s always some strange link to reality.

Vernacular web, use of the terminology that is particular to the certain environment for example we as the students of LCC use different phrases that might not be understood by other UAL students.

‘Vernacular Web The internet has its own way of speaking, language and expressions, a shared language, which allows us an insight into the culture of present day ordinary ‘folk’’ Clifford Geertz

The Net as a Museum is a world wide story bank to which a lot of people contribute to.

Contemporary folk culture, internet folk culture might be explored first hand not being filtered by an academic hypothesis.

We loose the face to face experience while using the internet so we start contributing in the visual language such as emojis/emoticons, acronyms eg WTF. This language became the part of the real world as we lack of the human expressions.

We have the ability to SHARE things very easily and even edit it.

Richard Dawkins, the biologist, came up with a term ‘meme’ in 1976. Memes are created for a wide net circulation. Memes are not biological but they need biological input to survive. As society change memes become less relevant so they disappear.

Erik Knudesn posts a pair of images under the pseudonym at The content was to post realistic photographs containing the supernatural elements. People were really curious where did the name Slenderman came from and the fiction was mixed with reality.

There is a willing expansion into urban legend. Even tho people know its a fiction people want it to become an urban legend. After 10 days, the Slenderman’s M.O is established, he becomes metatextual/metaphysical. It might be also linked to the story of Pied Piper, like a modern day one.

Slenderman meets saleable mass media. The artist didn’t copyrighted him, the character appeared in eg Minecraft, tv programs etc.

Why is Slenderman that popular, whey are we not sharing the nice tales?

Hybridisation, we can use these digital platforms of creating ideas even further by blending the analogue and digital forms.


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