Poundland Markers

I always knew I like kind of a childish, easy to draw type of art. After I visited the Rose Wylie exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery ‘Quack Quack’ I realised it is really a kind of stuff that’s appealing to me.

I started my own kind of daily journal using cheapest markers from Poundland. I was looking for them for a bit because I wanted the markers to leave the smudges and make it look like it was kid’s drawing.

So everyday since then, I was drawing some pieces that also influenced one of my outcomes for the part 2 of the Jukebox project. I thought that I could do the same type of work basing on the same mediums.

lndlife 7.jpg

This one is based on what I saw on the bus going back home from LCC. I thought it would be sick if I could draw it using the markers and here it is. I am really happy with an outcome. After doing a few another pieces this kind, I was sure I want to do one of the A1 outcomes with these markers as I am currently feeling it and I am really excited to use them.

I thought, the times ‘telstar’ by The Tornados was released, was also the time when when such markers were most common type of medium used by all the people (kids or teens) to put some colours in their notes and stuff so it will also add like a vibe of the time that the song was popular.

lndlife 9.jpg

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