Studio session 19th Jan 2018

During today’s studio session we had a group tutorial. We discussed our ideas for the ongoing project.

I shown my sketchbook which included all the sketches, colour pallet, experimentation, lyrics and images that I felt inspired by. Apparently, I think I am on the right track but I still have some problems with the materials. The inks I got are not exactly the shades I wanted. The colours are quite important for me as the aim of my drawings was to show the coldness, loneliness and the vibe of New York in the ’60s. I am using blue, pink and yellow (and of course black for the outlines).

First I’ve done my work all digitally as I thought I can print it off on the template that we were given. Unfortunately I cant print it on and I need to do it by hand. I am going to use the light box to trace and transfer the digital pieces onto the paper.

I was advised to kind of do the open space drawings with for example lines not going to the edges of the frames in the template.


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