Monday studio session

During today studio session we were handed in a template for the project and also we were introduced to the Part 2 of the brief.

I have decided to base my project on The Tornado’s ‘Telstar’. I am currently thinking of doing a screen print of a collage of the pictures related to the chosen piece. Since we have to do two A1 pages I think the other one will be only a digital outcome of the feelings that I have during listening to the song so I would go more abstract but I am not really sure at the moment. First I want to focus on a collage and proper research to the topic.

As far I found informations about the telstar satellite which was also a source of inspiration for the melody to be composed. The piece is really relating to the years it was composed in.

Currently I am also working on a storyboard for the Part 1 of the brief. I want to do it digitally but I had to change my idea once again as the sketches that I have are not exactly same as I wanted them to be. I am using only 4 colours which are pink, blue, yellow and of course black,

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