Studio session 12/01/2018

During this studio session we had to develop our ideas on a new brief. We had an opportunity to talk with our personal tutors. During the session I completely changed my view on the song by Petula Clark ‘Downtown’ and decided to do something totally else.

My first idea was to show the New York downtown and kind of a busy lifestyle there. All of my works are digitally and I knew straight off I want to do my work digitally so I have more features to use.

While listening the song after doing some research, what I felt was New York in 1960s. The colours I considered to use were only blue and yellow and obviously black for the outline. My new outcomes are more of sketchy and remind me of New York which is pretty busy, crowded etc.

I am working on the rest of my final pieces now and I actually feel the project more. Of course I can’t listen to this song anymore but basically after listening to it for so many times I can say my visual language to communicate considering this song i s way better than it used to be.

We are gonna be starting the part 2 of this brief on Monday and also we are going to be given the template for the project.


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