CTS1 : Brief and catalogue design

We were introduced to the reprographics, the lcc services in terms of printing and binding your work. Afterwards we were given few examples of catalogues made during last year’s Contextual and Theoretical Studies 1. We had to figure out what the brief for this year was. After having a brief look through the catalogues and discussing them in groups of three we we were finally introduced to our assignment due on the 17th of May.

We were informed what our books should look like and what should contain of.

The piece that I really liked was the Visual Catalogue by Milest Williams. It contained all the information that was required and additionally was made in a really good way with proper material used. The whole leyout was easy to read and communicate with the reader easily.

The colours used here make the outcome really comfortable to read. Also the images are in good resolution what is important because the other piece that J was shown was full of images with a really bad quality. It made the whole thing really difficult to have a look through and even to read as the ink printed on the different page so the text was not clear. It was also about the paper choice, onone side it was glossy what was the reason the ink just transferred on the next page. The wrong use of materials made me aware to avoid these while doing my work. What is more, this one was binded within a Japanese binding method what wasn’t suited for this type of work. It was supposed to be clear and simply but at the end, as for me, it is in a totally different way.

Catalogue by CHO15466367

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