Term 2 start – Jukebox Jive

At the session we were given a new brief and basically it was a list of songs to listen to. I knew few of the songs before but most of them were new to me. First hour, we had to decide on what song we will be working on. The final outcome is supposed to be a narrative storyboard presented in 9 pictures. We will be given a template for this on the next week’s session.

The brief was followed by two different quotes from the songs that follows: Five Years by David Bowie and Warewolves of London by Waaren Zeevon.

The songs list was pretty long and it was quite difficult to choose one song. If I liked the song, I highlighted it and changed the song. If the song was shit I just skipped it. At the end I had a few songs that I was considering working on. I had to think of what I need to do for an outcome. Generally, I focused on lyrics so it’s clear and not super difficult to interpret. Also, I paid attention to my imagination and how could I draw it so the pictures would present the story from the song.

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