Mike’s studio session (week 7) & Collaborative project

On Monday we were given a new brief. We were grouped into pairs and were said to work together during the next two weeks. The list on the brief was listing a lot of movements and adjectives. We’ve chosen a few, but finally we decided to focus on the one ‘ENCIRCLE’. First we wanted to create a ball out of the cardboard box which we were meant to bring with us on the day. Later on, our idea changed and we’ve decided to make a shell. We worked on it for a few hours and decided what will be the realisation of the 18 points that we got to complete before Friday the 24th. I took it home first and sprayed black. Next day me and Trish met and did some screen printing.

Our task this time was to draw a random person that we passed by somewhere on the street and then write 5 things that this person did: it’s name, it’s fav food, most important thing it said, the most wanted treasure and most memorable event in its life.


A person that I drew was Hannah, based on a person that I’ve seen once at the street near College (I really wanted her coat but whatever). Her favourite food is Thai curry that she first had at the Camden Market in London. What she clearly remembers it when she left all her toys at the playground when she was a kid. What she wants to achieve is to be an independent woman and the most important thing she said was ‘I love you, I am gonna miss you’ to her granny. She’s not a bitch even tho she looks like she was.

Later, we were working in groups and we had one character chosen so that we could base our task on. We had to create a timeline of her life. At the very end we had to add something to it such as a secret and place it somewhere at the timeline.


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