Studio week 6 – image/word and drawing from feelings

On this week’s studio session we were asked to write few sentences using only 10 words. I came up with ideas very easily but later we had to decide on which of these sentences do we want to write down on an A3 sheet. It occurred that the first one that came to my mind was basically the best one and I’ve decided to use it. It said ‘ Got on the train. Found a seat. Feeling pretty relaxed.’. Apparently we could write about whatever we wanted, so I found it the easiest to write about daily life, daily basis or just what happens on my way to college. Don’t you feel relaxed once you find your seat in not crowded train? It sounds amazing!

Next thing was to number all of the pieces that were put on the wall and do the narrative tot he one that is on your right. Mine was Fabia’s work saying : ‘ Walk through the forest. The trees will start warping.’. Because English is not my first language I wanted to understand the sentence properly so I checked Oxford dictionary for good translation of the words. Even though, I think it’s always good to look up for a word you are working on in a dictionary as it might give you a completely different view on the topic. After doing a little research I’ve decided to do the narrative as a comic so that all the images fit to each other.


Of course everyone got their sentences to do the narrative for. Once I saw an outcome for my sentence, I thought the narrative is really good and it’s interesting in a way of using different materials (at least it looks like there were more than one mediums used).


However during the workshop with Juliet and Karl, we had a few tasks to do. First, was to draw a cat in three or one minute. Second, was to draw a memorable character from our childhood (unfortunately I don’t remember the time we had to complete it) and the third one was to draw a vampire. Later on, there was an exhibition of our works and as always we had a chat about them.

Next, we were asked to draw our mouth. Not in a physical way but more in an abstract view. We had to focus on what we feel by rolling the tongue over the insight of our mouth. We had a lot of supplies that we could use for instance papers, straws, paint etc. A lot of us played with the paper and created absolutely outstanding pieces. My work is focused on what temperature I felt and what colour I connected it with. Pink bits might be also understood as teeth.


As the last task we had to list a number of ten memorable events from the past that we still remember the feelings that we had at the moment. With the list, we got to draw a piece showing off our emotions on that day.

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