Studio week 5 – British Museum & Crit, Narratives

During last Friday studio session we had a new task to do. We were handed a list of 12 sentences and based on our 50 drawings from the British museum we had to create a narrative, we had to identify what the sentences are asking us to focus on. I completed only 4 sentences but I am really happy with the final outcome of these. The fist sentence was Things that are red. It actually was not the worst thing for me as I had a lot of red drawings in my sketchbook. I’ve chosen a red painting, cut it into smaller pieces and created a collage of a Japanese kind of tea house that I sketched in the museum. ABA1CBEE-BFEC-4F56-B211-1F1F0146D2A4

Next sentence was A hand that gets bigger bigger and bigger. This one was more difficult but I also managed to do it and I am actually really surprised by the final pieces that I got. I used few drawings of hands that I had already had in my sketchbook for two drawings but I had to think how to present the sentence on the last third sheet of paper (we had to do 3 drawings for each sentence). I decided to cut hands each in different size from black paper I had. Next sentence was A bold line that turns into space. I thought it’s a good sentence to do something really easy and simple. I based my final outcome on lines that I had in my sketchbook made with oil pastels. The last sentence I managed to complete drawings for was A magnification of dust which first made me really confused but when I went through my sketchbook again and looked up for some pieces I could use to make drawings for this sentence I realised it’s not as difficult as I thought. I made three drawings of a dust in different zoom. Starting from general dust view, going through average zoom and ending up on a really precise zoom for a dust.


At the end of the week we also had an opportunity to present our final outcomes as well as hear group’s opinion on our presented pieces. I presented a few narrative images which made me think of my final outcome. As I said during presentation, I focused more on patterns and textiles that I’ve seen during my visit in the British Museum. The feedback on my work that I was given was really shocking and surprising for me as I didn’t think my work is that good. I actually had an idea to do some screen printing for this crit but later on I’ve decided to stick to what I have done and present the one that I am more than proud of.


Our task for this Tuesday was to draw exact elements from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ movie. It was a bit challenging for me mostly because I don’t like drawing people but I did a few drawings during the session. We had to draw few portraits of one person or facial expressions or a landscape seen on the screen. Later on we watched another movie and had to draw different landscapes or what we basically see. In this movie I found especially one moment as a very interesting. I sketched it but wasn’t really happy about the outcome. At the end we had to draw 3 A1 sheets with something based on our A3 drawings. I didn’t have much time to do that but I managed to draw one piece. It is based on this particular moment in the last movie – when we could see a traffic and many cars driving around. I felt that it shows very clearly how busy word is and how technology such as cars are affecting our life. So I decided to draw cars using 3 different colours and present them in most packed way on the A1 sheet. I am basically very happy with the outcome as it presents exactly what I wanted it to show. E3FAF3A4-0877-45F9-8F70-E5B72F4AF063



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