Visit in The Jerwood Space

   A variety of mediums were used to create the following art pieces. Yellow Kalymnos with Fridge by Gary Lawrence is a very huge artwork. The artist used a felt pen and a poster paint on canvas. At first glance I could say it’s a place in Greece as the artist placed many characteristic items for that country. The yellow canvas makes it way more interesting than if it was done on the regular canvas. This is a very spacious work compared to other presented in the gallery. Saunter by Will Kippax is made with pencil on plaster. Relating to the Gary Lawrence’s work, this one is a tiny, simplified piece of art. Also the materials used to create Saunter are making me even more curious about other works by Will Kippax, I’d probably never think about using a plaster as a medium to draw on with a pencil. Looked up ‘saunter’ in dictionary and it means to walk in a slow, relaxed manner. This might mean two things: first, the title of the work isn’t relevant to its meaning, second, the drawing isn’t finished as the object on the work is moving really slowly so it will never be ended. I will definitely use different mediums after this visit such as sewing/stitching on linen, using marker pen on polythene or using charcoal on paper. A work I really liked is Kate Black’s Horse with blue and orange. It’s really similar to a style that I am trying to achieve in my works; a little bit childish and with oversized body.

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